CNUK Blog - The Power of Postcard Marketing 

The Power of Postcard Marketing 
By Sajid Hussain, CNUK print

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  In this article I will discuss the importance of postcard marketing and how effective it can be
  in gaining more traffic for your business compared to many high tech strategies that are    
  being used today. 
There are tons of companies out there who are investing lots of money in
  packages determined to help the growth of their company. 
Unfortunatley, they dont't always
  seem to work. However, there is an alternative strategy 
that YOUR buisness can employ
  which is cheaper and has a higher response rate with 
potential customers and that is, 
  postcard marketing

   What is postcard marketing?

   Postcard marketing is the action of promoting and selling your services via a postcard!
   Over recent years more and more organisations have been using post cards as an effective  
   stratetegy to help stipulate growth for their companies by directly reaching out to their 
   customers with a personalised message. 
   You can read more about the power of personalised gifts, on our blog! - Read blog.

   Why it is effective and how is it better than other marketing techniques?

  • Cost-effective – Cheapest marketing vehicle around which offers better results. You can save hundreds of pounds with this technique and get better results. Simplicity is everything. 
  • Personal – A postcard which is personalised is more powerful than a generic gift (read our blog on the power of personalised gifts). This is because it allows you to get close to your prospect and to communicate your message in an effective way which suits their interests. Furthermore, employing this technique will increase your chances of getting referals. This is because people love to share their positive experiences with friends and family - this will leave an postive impression in their minds about your company. Therefore, if they were to ever require a similar service in the future they will almost likely remember your company and come to you!
  • 6 times more likely to be read – A postcard is more likely to be read by your prospect compared to direct mail according to the postal service. This is because it allows for ease of use! It doesn’t have to be opened and can quickly catch the attention of the prospect by the designs you choose to put on.
  • Postcards are short - Remember the average attention span of a human is 8 seconds therefore you ony have a short time to make a valubale impression into your potential prospect! Postcards enable you to condense all the information down to a few lines of words and images, this saves your potential prospect the effort of reading a bunch of text (which doesn't look attractive at all) 

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