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Invitations for all types of events 
            By Sajid Hussain, CNUK print           

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      Wanting an invitation for a party, wedding or any other type of event your're hosting?
      Well you've come to the right page. There's nothing we cant create an invitation for!
      CNUK have catered the needs of many clients wanting to create an invitation card. We take       care and pride when working on leaflets, this is because we understand how important the       presentation of your event is! 
      This purpose of this article is to inform you about the different kind of materials we use 
      for our invitations and why we use them. 
      Right, lets get straight to it. 

What styles do we use?

  • Matt
  • Silk
  • Digital
  • Gloss

   Now that you know about the variety of paper types you can use to make your invitation    
   card, let’s take a look at the features of each type of card we use!


Matte paper is great for displaying photos such as large panoramas thathave to be displayed in an "naked” (not behind glass/plastic) environment where light reflections can be an issue. 


Silk is a strong, high white, wood-free, triple blade coated paper with an ultra-smooth, excellent silky finish giving sumptuous colour reproduction and deep whites.


Digital printing refers to methods of printing from a digital-based image directly to a variety of media. Digital printing has brought about fast turnaround times and printing on demand. Instead of having to print large, pre-determined runs, requests can be made for as little as one print.


We use Gloss paper because they offer the widest range of colour and perhaps the best resolution. Although, they may show fingerprints, they are durable, which means smudges or fingerprints can be easily swiped off without harming the prints.


Whether it be an party, wedding or any other type of invitation we aim to exceed your    expectations. So what are you waiting for! Send in your design today and recieve a FREE    
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