CNUK Blog - The Power of a Personalised gift

The Power of a Personalised gift
   By Sajid Hussain, CNUK print


 Here in Manchester, CNUK print are always coming up with lucrative ways to improve                the services they provide to their customers. This article will be dedicated to the importance
 of personalised gifts and how effective they can be in increasing conversion rates for your  
 company and business. 

What is a personalised gift?

A personalised gift is something which has been created and design by YOU for someone else.
In this article, I will discuss how powerful a personalised gift can be, as well as, providing some guidelines on how to make the best personalised gift for your friends or family. 

Types of personalised gifts

How to make a really good personalised gift?.

  • Get to know the person. Find out what they like and what they need!
  • Think of a creative way of delivering what they want/need in a form of a gift.
    (Use mindmaps to brainstorm ideas and once you've find on that idea, act on it!

    Now that you have a brief outline on how to make an aweomse personalised gift. I will provide you with some details on what makes a phenomenal bookmark!

What makes a phenomenal bookmark?

A good bookmark can be invaluable, saving you precious time thumbing through the pages to find your place. But why settle for something plain? The artists and designers at CNUK will work closely with you and put their creative minds to reinventing the traditional plain looking bookmark and converting it into something that blows you away!

Features of a good bookmark:

·      Use of images that fit in well with your theme

·      Using three complementary colours 

·      Something outside of the box which is unique

 Why are personalised gifts better than generic gifts?

    A personalised gift is always more thoughtful and special than a generic gift. It is a reflection     of your affection for that person. It would also benefit your company by giving out  
    personalised gifts to your potential customers, this is because, it is more effective and often     comes as a suprise to the person recieving the gift. 

  You can also make personalised shaped flyers for events...

 What are shaped flyers?

  Shaped flyers are flyers which have been cut-out into a specific way which is both creative  
  and appealing to the eye!

 How will shaped flyers benefit my business?

   Shaped flyers help you to grab attention and stand out from other businesses. This is very  
   important in the business world as there is so much competition out there, you need to do
   something unique and personalised, which reflects your company’s purpose! Shaped flyers
   are a great way of getting that message across. 


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