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Personalised printing online 
By Sajid Hussain, CNUK print

What you need to know about personalized printing online

Advancement in technology has made it easier to do things that were otherwise not possible. Printing technology has evolved over the years. And so has evolved is the way people do business. 

Nowadays you can order any print from the comfort of your home thanks to personalized printing online services. All you need to do is to provide information to the business and wait for the custom prints to be shipped to your

Get the types of personalized printing right

There are two types of personalization.  That is basic personalization and graphical and variable personalization.

· Basic personalization involves use of basic information to capture the attention of the  
  customer. This includes information such as physical addresses and names. The    
  information can be recorded in the carrier sheet for quick mailing.

This information can be printed using print litho and digital ink jet producing a four colour appearance. Other information such as customized letters and cover introductions can be added. You can also include a page reference for things that you think the customer will be interested in.

You can leave a blank space on the cover so as to add the address or the contacts of the nearest store to the customer. This increases the value of the product to the client and there is a higher likelihood of them buying the commodity.

· Graphical and variable printing now utilizes the full range of printing capabilities (full colour) so as to enhance the product usefulness even further. Now, this enables you to not only print areas that have full colour but also areas that can be fully personalized according to the needs of the client.

Interestingly, such high-tech personalized printing online services are the in thing today.

Now, you can use your client’s profiling data to come up with data that will guide how the various printouts will appear. The printouts can be customized to prompt a customer to purchase a related product from a category they had purchased before. 

Information to make such customisations can be made from actual buys or intent to buy by placing an item in the shopping cart.

How to find a good personalized printing online company

Their reputation matters - what do the customers say about them? You won’t want to engage a company that never cares about the customer’s welfare. Use customer reviews and testimonials for to make your decision.

Customer support – not sure whether your image has good quality for print?  Then you should be able to get assistance from a support staff. How can you contact them? Do they have live chats, emails, ticketing system? The bottom line is that need to be reachable to the customers.

Shipping – you wanted the completed prints by the end of the week? Can they promise to deliver within that timeline? How reliable are they?

Personalized printing online and the future of your business

As a business owner, all you worry about is the impact your product will have on your customers. Personalized printing improves product attractiveness.  You want to offer each customer what they are looking for based on their purchasing habits.

Besides, you want to make sure that brochure displays only the products  that the customer is likely to buy.

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